Reinforced Tubular FIBC

Reinforced Tubular diagram
FIBC fabric specification
Specification:180 and 200 gr/m2

The fabric is folded to 90 cm width, with 4 x 44 cm foldings.
8 pcs of reinforcement starting from 7 cm of the edge of fabric (layed down 90 cm).
Marking fibres on both edges of the reinforcement. The placing of reinforcement is suitable for circle, and square formed bags ( ca. ± 15 cm ).
Bags with different sizes than this need other placement for reinforcement!

TYPE OF MATERIAL Warp tensile strength N Weft tensile strength N Warp elongation % Weft elongation %
180 gr Min. 1950 min.1900 19-20 17-18
200 gr Min.2000 min.1950 19-20 16-17
Reinforcement: Tensile strength: Warp: min. 3400 N Elongation: 20%
Marking fibre: blue /P280/

Wholesale FIBC Fabric

Wholesale FIBC Fabric

Codefine is one of the world’s leading wholesale fabric suppliers because we weave and trade the highest quality technical fabrics available on the market.

Produced according to ISO9002, our heavy duty FIBC is woven on Sulzer machines or circular looms, allowing the production of top-performance fabrics.

Our light circular fabric is rolled tightly, with minimal weaving errors thanks to our state-of-the-art machines.

We can also supply innovative ultrasonic selvedges as an economical replacement for Sulzer fabrics.

Reinforced Tubular FIBC

Specifications Unit Warp Weft
Fabric 160 g/m2 Count of tapes/10cm 40 40
Linear density Denier 1760 1480
Tensile strength kg/5 cm 175 135
Break elongation % 11 10
UV 40% residual strength after
200 hrs Q-U.V.
B test
Fabric 170 g/m2 Count of tapes/10cm 45 40
Linear density Denier 1760 1550
Tensile strength kg/5 cm 190 145
Break elongation % 12 10
UV 50% residual strength after
200 hrs Q-U.V.
B test
Fabric 180 g/m2 Count of tapes/10cm 50 39
Linear density Denier 1760 1480
Tensile strength kg/5 cm 210 138
Break elongation % 12 10
UV 50% residual strength after
200 hrs Q-U.V.
B test
Fabric 200 g/m2 Count of tapes/10cm 50 40
Linear density Denier 1825 1825
Tensile strength kg/5 cm 215 170
Break elongation % 11 10
UV 40% residual strength after
200 hrs Q-U.V.
B test
Fabric 250 g/m2 Count of tapes/10cm 64 50
Linear density Denier 1760 1900
Tensile strength kg/5 cm 270 210
Break elongation % 11 10
UV 50% residual strength after
200 hrs Q-U.V.
B test
fibc manufacturing

raw woven fabric

Box Bags

Codefine’s Box Bags can accommodate many different packaging requirements, from size, weight and quality, to colors, printing and lamination. Used for packaging and covering, available in all size and colors can include:

  • Anti skit treatments
  • Water tight treatments
wholesale fibc protective cover


wholesale outdoor cover

Cloverleaf Sling

Cloverleaf Slings save time
Cloverleaf Slings are multifilament polypropylene or raffia straps made into a harness that holds multiple shipping bags at one time. This allows a crane for winch move many bags of product at the same time.

This could be sand, cement or and material stored in 90 pound / 45 kilo sacks. The sling keeps multiple bags intact and is used to load or offload product more efficient and safer way.

During transport the sling protects the bags from sliding or shifting.
Codefine’s basket and clover slings are strong and cost-effective.

Customize your dimensions, choice of material, handle length, tie strings and stitching.

Cargo lifting slings

 manufacture supply cloverleaf slings

dyneema webbing and slings

Small Bags

Wholesale Packaging Small Bags
We can provide hem top bags and woven valve bags with integrated poly-lock valves. Woven polypropylene valve bags are stronger than paper, thus reducing breakage costs, and lighter, making them less expensive to ship.

PP woven bags are made of polypropylene woven fabric, and the standard opening is at the top of the bag to allow for filling.

Gusseted polypropylene woven bags have folds along the side which expand during filling to “square off” the sides. Valve bags have a filling valve which is self closing once the bag is filled.
Anti-skid weave prevents the PP woven bag from slipping off a pallet when it is filled. Since it is a permanent part of the weaving process, it will last much longer than rolled on anti skid products.
Small PP woven bags are available in a variety of colors, with print on one side, and can be coated or uncoated depending on the application.

Advanced printing techniques allow for branding and logos as required.

  • Tubular or L-shape
  • Ultra-sonic or cold-cut hemming
  • Corona or flexograph printing
  • Available in all sizes
  • Flame retardant
  • Valve bags
  • Block bottom bags
  • BOPP coating and printing

Container Liners

Container liners

Container liners can convert any ISO container into a bulk transport system for dry flowable products such as powders, granules and food products. The container liner creates an inner skin inside the walls of the container, protecting the cargo as well as the container against potential contamination.

Enable bulk cargo to be shipped door to door with a minimum of handling.
Made from virgin polyethylene (film or woven polyolefin) – enables safe transportation of agricultural produce and high-value chemicals within an enclosed chamber.
No cargo contamination from pollutants and salt air.

Cargo spillage and waste minimized.
No container cleaning costs

Dry bulk liners are approved to food grade standards for contact with goods fit for human consumption.

These user friendly liners can be installed in containers in less than 15 minutes, and provide considerable savings on packaging and handling costs. The container liner comes in standard sizes for 20’ and 40’ containers, and can be custom designed for various load and discharge applications:

  • Loading by filling spouts direct from Silos (Gravimetric) , Powders and Granules
  • Loading through the door end Bulk Head (Pneumatic), Powders and Resins
  • Loading through the door end Bulk Head (Conveyor), Malt, Cocoa, Coffee, Soy Beans
  • Discharge by spout or by letterbox system (Gravimetric or Pneumatic)

Our BulkSaver™ container liners, for the transport of all cargo including hydroscopic powders, work without metal bars thus ensuring more efficient handling.

BulkSaver™ is not only a much safer packaging solution, but also more economical than other container liners on the market.

  • Multiple types for different applications
  • Without metal bars
  • Specifications available on request


ABS Resin
Aluminum Powder
animal skins and hides
Bone meal
Cattle Feed
Carbon Black

Fish Meal
Glass Beads
Ground Nuts
Malt Milk
Nylon Flake
PE Resins
PP Resins
PS Resins

PVC Resins
Potato Flour
Salt Seeds
Soda Ash
Soy Beans
shipping, sea bulk or sea land container liners

 bulk powder shipping containers

Container liners and bags for shipping and bulk transportation

EasyLiquid Fibc Bags

Ship Liquid Products with Easyliquid
Financial Savings
More capacity per 20ft container
Environmentally friendly
Easy to fill and empty
Uses little warehouse space

Technically advanced

EasyLiquid® is a revolutionary new liquid packaging solution, a product that comes straight from Codefine’s own pioneering research and development program. They provide one way or multitrip reusable solution for liquids. This food grade solution is available in capacities of 220 to 1300 litres, polypropylene bags feature a autofill liner that can be used in automatic filling lines (gravity or closed circuit).

Available with a wide range of accessories such as 1, 2 or 3 valves, integrated valves and membranes,
Foldable, stackable (2 high), they are optimized for transport, shipping and storing in 20-foot containers that can contain 20 EasyLiquid units.

EasyLiquid is a customized product that we develop together with the customer according to your specifications. The design of this bag is based on an inner bag in several layers, which is tightly sealed
and prevents fluid from leaking. The traditional big bag with loops of fabric can be used as the outer packaging. The bag can be manufactured in all the different designs that we offer for big bags, with different top and base designs. Belts here

Custom designs are available in 6-12 weeks ARO.

ISO Containers
ISO containers are expensive to purchase, cost around $25,000- $40,000. Leasing is also common.
EasyLiquid Fibc products carry higher payloads per 20ft container at lower freight costs. It does not require special handling, so that can be sent anywhere. It offers easy loading and discharge of the bulk liquid which reduces labor costs. Since it is foldable it offers a significant reduction in storage cost. No risks of contamination. Easy to dispose of.
IBC drums cost more to ship compared with EasyLiquid. There is a lower payload per container and a greater possibility of damage. Storage costs are high since it occupies lot of storage space. Disposing IBC tanks can create environmental problems.

They are suitable for liquid foods (oils, juices, etc.), semi-liquid (concentrated fruit compotes, jams, condiments, etc.), and fat dairy (cream, butter-down, etc.).
More uses:
transporting petrochemical products
transporting agrochemical products
Powder coatings
Carbon powder
Liquid food
Juice concentrates

Products that are not classified as dangerous goods

Liquid Bulk Bags

EasyLiquid | Easy Liquid
Top Fill Tube
Liquid FIBC
easyliquid bulk packaging
Outlet on Bottom
Discharge liquid from Bottom
Discharge liquid from Bottom