EasyLiquid Fibc Bags

Ship Liquid Products with Easyliquid
Financial Savings
More capacity per 20ft container
Environmentally friendly
Easy to fill and empty
Uses little warehouse space

Technically advanced

EasyLiquid® is a revolutionary new liquid packaging solution, a product that comes straight from Codefine’s own pioneering research and development program. They provide one way or multitrip reusable solution for liquids. This food grade solution is available in capacities of 220 to 1300 litres, polypropylene bags feature a autofill liner that can be used in automatic filling lines (gravity or closed circuit).

Available with a wide range of accessories such as 1, 2 or 3 valves, integrated valves and membranes,
Foldable, stackable (2 high), they are optimized for transport, shipping and storing in 20-foot containers that can contain 20 EasyLiquid units.

EasyLiquid is a customized product that we develop together with the customer according to your specifications. The design of this bag is based on an inner bag in several layers, which is tightly sealed
and prevents fluid from leaking. The traditional big bag with loops of fabric can be used as the outer packaging. The bag can be manufactured in all the different designs that we offer for big bags, with different top and base designs. Belts here

Custom designs are available in 6-12 weeks ARO.

ISO Containers
ISO containers are expensive to purchase, cost around $25,000- $40,000. Leasing is also common.
EasyLiquid Fibc products carry higher payloads per 20ft container at lower freight costs. It does not require special handling, so that can be sent anywhere. It offers easy loading and discharge of the bulk liquid which reduces labor costs. Since it is foldable it offers a significant reduction in storage cost. No risks of contamination. Easy to dispose of.
IBC drums cost more to ship compared with EasyLiquid. There is a lower payload per container and a greater possibility of damage. Storage costs are high since it occupies lot of storage space. Disposing IBC tanks can create environmental problems.

They are suitable for liquid foods (oils, juices, etc.), semi-liquid (concentrated fruit compotes, jams, condiments, etc.), and fat dairy (cream, butter-down, etc.).
More uses:
transporting petrochemical products
transporting agrochemical products
Powder coatings
Carbon powder
Liquid food
Juice concentrates

Products that are not classified as dangerous goods

Liquid Bulk Bags

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