Reinforced Tubular FIBC

Reinforced Tubular diagram
FIBC fabric specification
Specification:180 and 200 gr/m2

The fabric is folded to 90 cm width, with 4 x 44 cm foldings.
8 pcs of reinforcement starting from 7 cm of the edge of fabric (layed down 90 cm).
Marking fibres on both edges of the reinforcement. The placing of reinforcement is suitable for circle, and square formed bags ( ca. ± 15 cm ).
Bags with different sizes than this need other placement for reinforcement!

TYPE OF MATERIAL Warp tensile strength N Weft tensile strength N Warp elongation % Weft elongation %
180 gr Min. 1950 min.1900 19-20 17-18
200 gr Min.2000 min.1950 19-20 16-17
Reinforcement: Tensile strength: Warp: min. 3400 N Elongation: 20%
Marking fibre: blue /P280/